About Denise:

Denise Wood Heil is the mother of 3 wonderful children. Plain and simple - she loved reading books to her children as they were growing up. She loved the illustrations, the poems, the stories and how her children reacted to certain books with laughter and joy. Her children loved her reading those books again and again. She was inspired to write this book from her children’s experiences and wanted to recreate in a fun and whimsical way the many emotions her children went through. She found Christy on Instagram who was able to capture the feelings in such a beautiful way. Denise resides in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


About Chisty:

Christy Bodily is an artist. She especially loves to illustrate children’s books. As a small child she would go to the library and find the most colorful and happiest picture books and dream of being an illustrator one day. She resides in Idaho with her handsome husband, and four wonderful kids.

About Hedgy:

Hedgy is a delightful hedgehog that finds his way throughout every page in our book. Have fun locating Hedgy™ as he tries to hide in various places.


Hedgy™ is available to purchase here too.


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